SEO Services for E-commerce

Which SEO services does your e-commerce site need?

​When it comes to ecommerce SEO services (search engine optimization), there are two very important aspects: technical SEO (aka "onpage seo") and inbound links (aka backlinks).

Both elements need to be under complete control and managed within a comprehensive strategy to make sure Google and other search engines are well able to understand how the page works.

Our SEO services for ecommerce sites rank from a starter package (most popular among new clients to test our service) to the silver package we usually recommend to more established e-commerce sites and those selling quite competitive products, up to the Gold plan for big sites in very competitive fields.​

Here are our e-commerce SEO services:


The best package to get started.

  • Entry Level Package
  • ​SEO audit
  • Link audit
  • Content Optimization
  • Goal Definition
  • Content Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Technical SEO
  • 2 Quality Links/Month


Need advanced SEO for competitive rankings? This is your package!

  • Advanced SEO Package
  • SEO audit
  • Link audit
  • In-depth
    Competitor Research
  • Goal Definition
  • Content Audit
  • Advanced content Audit
  • Amplified keyword research
  • Technical SEO
  • 4 Quality Links/Month


Our Gold plan is the best for big ecommerce stores that want to have an agency handle all their organic promotion.

  • Premium SEO Package
  • ​SEO audit
  • Link audit
  • Extensive SEO Audit
  • Goal Definition
  • Content Audit
  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • 2-TierLink Building Campaign
  • 5-10 Quality Links per month

1. SEO ​Bronze

This is the service for new stores that have received certain traction on Google but need help to step up their game. 

​Our entry level offers our comprehensive 4 steps approach to SEO projects- competitor research, keyword research, definition of goals and developing the right content strategy for your project.

Our team will assist you in content creation, inform your tech team about the technical seo recommendations for your site, and have your e-commerce platform under constant review.

The starter plan also includes an initial link building campaign of 2 quality links per month to increase your site's authority on the web and get you more organic visibility.​

It sounds incredible in today's fast moving world, but Gert and his team have been with us right from the start of our e-commerce business about 10 years ago. Since then, we have seen constant organic growth and still count 100% on their services.

E. Black
E-commerce director

2. SEO Silver​

This is advanced seo package for stores that already do quite well but want to attract new buyers from the organic Google channel. Those stores usually have quite a decent seo optimization in place but need help to take the next step, both on their site optimization (on-page) as with creating links towards their landing pages.

Extensive competitor research, keyword research for your top categories, optimized content creation for your categories and amplified weekly site checks are important parts of what makes up the silver plan.

The SEO Silver plan also comes with a link building campaign of 4 high quality links per month.

3. SEO Gold 

If your store is getting 10,000 unique organic visits per day or more, you're eligible for the GOLD plan of our SEO offer. In addition to what's in the starter and silver plan, an important part of the gold plan is the use of  extensive outreach campaigns to establish collaboration with sites that can potentially bring you visitors, publish content we create for you, and enhance your link profile and site authority on the web.

The SEO Gold plan usually comes with a 2-tiered link building campaign and about 5-10 primary and about 20-30 secondary links.​

The game changer for us was their return on investment calculator. There we could really judge on which topics it made sense to focus on. Some keywords and phrases just don't make sense to focus on, from an ROI perspective.

C. Villa
E-commerce director

​4. Consultation by the hour

If you are not ready yet to start off investing in SEO but need some guidance, maybe an hour of consulting can give you the necessary orientation on what to focus on in your specific situation.
All consultations will be done by our founder, Gert Mellak, in English, Spanish or German, and be tailored towards your specific niche and target audience. 

Via the ROI calculation we were sure right from the beginning that the investment would certainly pay off. And it did!

Luis Torrejón
Entrepreneur / CEO

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