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We help e-commerce businesses to get more (organic) sales
by providing SEO services, conversion optimization
and off-page content marketing strategies.


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The right approach to your store’s SEO:


Goal definition

The first step is to establish what are your e-commerce store’s goals,
and how SEO can help to achieve them.


Niche research

Our team goes the extra mile
to learn how your nice ticks online.


Outstanding results

We know time is crucial when it comes to bringing in new buyers. This is why we usually show the first results after 2-3 months.

Our mission is to get you more organic buyers
from organic search engine traffic.

Let me explain how we achieve that:

What our customers say about us:

Outstanding dedication

“Working with you and your team on a monthly basis has been both a pleasure and rewarding for myself & Regus – I would highly recommend you to any company looking for SEO for online businesses […]” (B. Bicker, Regus)

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A personalized approach to SEO, adapted to the specific needs of your niche,
is going to give you the highest chance to get
continuous, organic visitors for years.

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Every e-commerce business is heavily dependent on organic traffic from the most important search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo or Yandex. One of the first steps usually is to technically improve the on-page or on-site optimization of the website. Those modifications must be implemented so that search engines can index your site properly, understand its structure and can read its specific data like prices, bread crumbs, categories etc.

Once the technical aspects are all set, the right content strategy must be elaborated, which usually involves category pages, product pages and the creation of special landing pages to cover your store’s different departments.

Check out our 4 step approach to more organic visitors (= potential buyers) and see if it suits your needs!