SEO for WooCommerce Websites

seo for woocommerce

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular Content Management System (CMS) platform in the world. It is only fitting that it gets an upgrade and become a powerful ECommerce platform as well. Featuring WooCommerce, a Plugin Application that transforms your WordPress website into a versatile Ecommerce Platform that allows you to sell anything online. With the popularity of WordPress, WooCommerce is used by 28% of all online stores. It is a testament of how good this WordPress plugin is. Maximizing your ECommerce website is to implement SEO for WooCommerce


As any Ecommerce platform, improving Organic Search traffic is a must. People must be able to find your website through search engines like Google and Bing. Search Engine Optimization is a branch of Digital Marketing to improve your rankings on Search Engines. It’s a great way to gain traction on promoting your Ecommerce website to people through search engines. To do your SEO for WooCommerce, we will cover two SEO Plugins – All-in-One SEO Pack and the Yoast SEO.


SEO for WooCommerce

Doing SEO for WooCommerce websites involves knowledge in WordPress Development. Unlike when performing optimizations for Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento, the strategy usually involves skills and knowledge specific on the platform. The SEO strategy for all eCommerce Websites relatively remains the same. Optimizations are user-centric and should always consider providing value for readers and visitors.

SEO Agency and Specialists will often suggest optimizations that will involve action items. As for WooCommerce, creating an SEO-friendly website starts with the right tools for your website. Below are some of the tools you need and the optimizations that can be made with the tools. These can also be use to improve other digital marketing channels like your PPC campaigns, Social Media, and Content Marketing campaigns.

Yoast SEO Plugin


This is one of the best SEO-related plugin you can use seamlessly with your WooCommerce Website and best of all its free. Aside from the usual SEO options like Meta Data Optimization, URL, Readability, Keyword Density, and more, what separates Yoast SEO from the others plugins is that it has specific optimizations for Social media websites like Pinterest and Twitter. This allows you to automate social media promotions. Here is a screenshot of the Twitter and Pinterest Card Option.

Twitter Card

twitter pins woocommerce

Pinterest Card

pinterest rich pins woocommerce

In addition to Social Media optimizations, Yoast SEO allows you to implement Structured Data on your products. By doing this optimization, your search results will look better and will have higher Click-through-rate. Yoast SEO makes this implementation as simple as possible. You can choose from the many Structured Data available for Ecommerce Websites.

schema structured data woocommerce

All-in-One SEO Pack


This plugin is a more straightforward tool that you can use to optimize WooCommerce pages for Search Engines. Using this plugin will allow you to edit and optimized different SEO Elements through a single and simple dialog box. Here are some of the options present for this plugin:


  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Title Attributes
  • Menu Title
  • Disable Product

all in one seo pack woocommerce

Creators of All-in-One SEO has a collection of tools dedicated to help you manage your WooCommerce website. Maximize the potential of your WooCommerce Website with these additional Plugins.


Other SEO-Related Plugin

WooCommerce SEO is another plugin that can be used for your WooCommerce website. Although it is not free, paying the fee of $25 is all worth it when you maximize the effect of the plugin to promote better SEO. Here are some features of for this plugin:


  • Remove product category base
  • Keyword rich URLs when using filters
  • Automatically generated page tiles and meta description
  • Custom page tiles and meta description
  • Noindex/nofollow
  • Improved breadcrumbs

woocommerce seo

SEO Success for WooCommerce


SEO should be measurable and accountable thus to know if things are working. This can be done through analysis of relative data given by Google Analytics and other related sources. The analysis can be taxing and would require the expertise of an SEO professional. The end all of measuring SEO success is all about an increase in overall traffic and product revenue. To maximize these numbers, multiple efforts needs to be done to achieve your desired business growth.


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