Maximizing Featured Snippets for eCommerce Websites


Featured snippets or “Quick Answers” is what Google presents as an answers to a user’s query. This featured answer appears on the top of Google search results. This rank is popularly know as rank 0. The content is based on the webpage where it is located. There are 3 type of featured snippets; paragraph, bulleted list, and a table. By statistics, Featured Snippets are present in 9.2% in all search results given to users. Maximizing your website with this feature will only contribute to the overall growth of your business.

Types of Featured Snippets

Paragraph Type

It shows a block of text from the web page referred as the best answer to the query. The most often queries used are “Who”, “What”, and “Why”.

paragraph snippet

List Type

This type of featured snippets often presents a series of steps related to the query. The obvious question answered starts with “How” or “How-to”

list snippet

Table Type

The information given as an answer is presented as a table. It is most likely a Table html tag (<table>) is used in the website.

table snippet

Optimizing web pages for featured snippets can be done through familiar SEO actions. In addition, here are important concepts to consider when optimizing for Quick Answers for Ecommerce websites:

Know what Customers ask about your Products

In order to start with Quick Answers in the right direction, knowing what the usual questions customers may have about your product or services is the best way to do this. The information you can extract from this research will almost be a complete guide to what you need for your website. Now, how to do this:

It all begins by knowing what your product or service provides. By doing this, you will be able to come up with relevant questions that customers may ask. For example if you sell services on digital marketing, the most relevant questions would be; What is Digital Marketing or how can I use digital marketing for my business. Tools like and Google Search will aid you  to related queries about your products and services may have. Having this information will jump start your ideas as to what Featured Snippets you will most likely target for your website.

Finding the right opportunities for your website is simple as you know more about your product or services than probably anyone else. Putting yourself in the shoes of your customers is probably the best way to go about this first step. You can also expand your research through an email campaign accompanied by a survey where you can include basic to advance queries about your website. It will be a goldmine of information you can use for your featured snippet campaign.

Competitor Research

Competitor research using tools like SemRush and Stat will also provide information on what featured snippets your competitors have. You will be able to segment keywords and website content relative to it. This information acts as your guide for Featured Snippets that already exist in your business realm. All you need to do next is to implement what they have on their website and make it better so that you will be able to knock them off that spot.

Finding the Right Target Keywords and Strategy

You now know what opportunities your eCommerce website have based on customer research. It is time to move on to the details of your Featured Snippet campaign. We have discussed that through your competitor research and opportunities search you can get hold of some keywords or queries. Collect this information and dig deeper on these terms through keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner or other paid platforms. In choosing the keywords to target for your website, here are some concepts to consider:

  1. High-volume Keywords tend to get snippets more often (ex. Email marketing, Food, etc.)
  2. Longer queries that are composed of six or more words also often show featured snippets. Since the purpose of featured snippets is to answer questions, explicit questions like “who,” “what,” “how,” “where” and “why” search queries will obviously often have featured snippets. In addition, queries with the words like “does,” “cause” and “costs,” as well as action words like “becoming,” “doing,” “getting,” “making,” “forming” or “cooking” also follow the same trend as explicit questions.
  3. Implied questions are generally assumed by Search Engines. Consider a search for “digital marketing,” searcher usually looks for the definition of the term such that , “What is digital marketing?” Featured Snippets for general questions usually trigger a paragraph type of featured snippet.

Always aim for high volume keywords regardless of competition. Featured snippet content are often based on the quality of the information provided and not the how good the back links to it are provided. It would also be good if your website is an authority in your field as this will give a good backing to content you are providing.

Content Strategy

Now that you have keywords in place, move forward with the strategy you want to implement. Again this is based on the type of snippet available through the research you made. Your website content strategy will solely be based on these concepts. For example, how-to queries would be best if created on a numbered list just like presenting a series of steps. In addition, taking a look at how your competitors do it will surely not hurt. You will basically have a more cohesive content to target featured snippets if you consider more points. The mantra is that you will have to provide value to searchers even before they go to your website.

Organic Rank First before Aiming for Featured Snippet

There is a high correlation between ranking high on organic search results and being featured as a Quick Answer. It is safe to say that before doing any featured snippet optimization you will have to look at your organic search results optimization first. SEO services done on your website will be the first thing you will need to look at. Your on-page and off-page optimization are often the barometer as to how high your rank on organic search results.

Building a highly optimized website for Search Engines will greatly aid your campaign for featured snippets. In addition, it will be easier for search engines like Google to recognize your website for content because you are already an authority in your business space based on your organic rankings.

If your website is already one of the top search results in your chosen keywords then it is time to create your content for featured snippet optimization. We already talked about the quality of the content as to something that provides a direct answer to the query of searchers. Here are useful HTML formatting you can do to enhance User experience:

HTML Formatting

  • Make the search query, or a very close version of it, a heading on the page. This means, where possible, format that query or question as an H1, H2 and so forth.
  • Summarize the answer to the question in a single paragraph or a series of steps whenever applicable to the content. You can also use a list for the content.
  • Format that paragraph in a paragraph HTML tag <p> or <li> list tag if the content presents itself as a series of steps
  • Place that paragraph or list directly below the heading for the question.
  • Aim for making the answer 40 to 55 words for paragraphs and 3-4 steps for the list.

Note: For list and table formats, you might want to put descriptive content leading to the list or table. Placing them on the Header tag is good but do not overload the tag with words. Limit your description in about 10-12 words.

Additional Notes

Schema implementation on your products and services will also boost chances for featured snippets. Increased usage of carousel search results for eCommerce products are often based on the schema implemented on them. This concept is fairly easy to implement as there are guidelines set to get you started. If you are dealing with many products, you might want to automate this feature on your website. Soliciting the help of your web developer is all you need to get this done.



  • 06/14/2017

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