10 Actionable Tips to improve your Local SEO

Local SEO is an emerging field in Digital Marketing. By definition, Local SEO is Search Engine Optimization but targeting specific local audiences or customers. The best example of the power of Local SEO is when your business is operating in a fixed location or  “locality” and you appear as the preferred business to provide the service. If you are looking to improve your Local visibility, then here are 10 action items you can do:

Maximize Customer Reviews

Customers always provide feedback to the products or services they acquire. For you, as the business owner, it would be a great resource to use to improve your Local SEO. Customer reviews are genuine and rich in terms of what the product can provide. Harnessing customer reviews will also provide relevance to your product by the ratings provided. The better the ratings the more the product or services becomes more popular. These ratings present as proof of excellence if the product is  good but on the other hand, it can also be a stamp of irrelevancy if customer ratings are not good at all.

Build Excellent Customer Experience

Customer experience begins upon arrival to your website. What better way to give them the best experience than giving them what they want at first glance. The rule of building an excellent customer experience is keeping all important eCommerce element “above the fold”. It’s a good practice to have your Call-to-action (CTA) fields and button within the first loading section of the web page. This is to maximize the customer conversion. It is also a good practice to provide users with meaningful and highlighted content that strikes as something that they needed to know. For Mobile users, developing a website that looks and feels good in mobile devices is the place to go. Always go to what the users want to see and not what you want to see in creating your website.


Connect to Local Audiences with Content

In developing your website content, always keep in mind what your audiences need. It is a good practice to know what your audiences ask with regards to the products or services you provide. You can refine your content through the queries that customers usually ask. In building content for your product pages, build content centered on the features of the product. The word volume will be more than enough to satisfy SEO for better organic rankings.

Sponsoring local Meetups to increase Brand Visibility

This is more of an offline SEO tactic, sponsoring local events will only boost your brand visibility. It is also a good way to have press exposure and possible links from credible websites. It would be best to maximize this type of exposure by using creative marketing initiatives. You also need to factor the costs of sponsorship.

Use Local Business Schema Markup

In the age of refining Search Results, Google has solicited the help of Schema Markups. These are highly specific pieces of code that highlight website content and aim to organize scattered information in the internet. Search Engines like Google use these Markups to organize the search result and give the best possible information to the user. You can learn more about using local business markup through this link.

Optimize for Mobile Users

As more customers use their mobile phones to search, compare, and buy the products that they need, optimizing your website for mobile users is of utmost important. Google has a complete guide for mobile optimization where you can mimic your website and be at par with the guidelines they provide. It also important to note that a Mobile-optimized website receives a ranking boost from Google.

Consistency on Business Listings

Business listings is a must for businesses that target local SEO. The key element to remember when doing business listings is Consistency. Providing the right information like contact numbers and website link across all your business listing will be very helpful to your customers. You will want to have customers connect with the right contact information to maximize customer acquisition,

Create a Meaningful Link Building Campaign Every Month

Link building campaign for your Local SEO becomes simpler as you get to target a location for all your opportunities. It will also be easier because you will be able to connect with website owners through local knowledge. In addition, you will also have to make this a monthly tasks to ensure that you stay relevant and to fend of your competitors as well.

Approach Content Development with Rich Local Content

When it comes to building Local Content, you can look at related news and events happening with the city or state. It would be best to schedule content like blogs to follow the events as they happen. In doing this, you will be able to create meaningful content centered at what your users will look for within their location. You can also look into creating content through the sponsorship of events. This will be a good piece to promote through social media and press releases.

Do what your Competitors do and more

Studying your competitors will reveal a ton of information as to how they approach their local SEO strategy. You can check their content and try to emulate a better approach on building your own website content. You can also tap into the links that they acquired. It will provide you the strategy that they implement for link building. By knowing what your competitors do will lead you to strategies that works and what’s not.

  • 06/09/2017

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