By the Numbers: How Online Shopping is Shaping the World

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Online Shopping has changed the world in a big way. Almost everything you need can be seen and sold online with a simple click of a button. In addition, ECommerce also brought businesses closer to the people and has created a new stream of retail businesses. With the emergence of new technologies, Online Businesses are now more accessible to more people across multiple platforms. This is one of the biggest contributor of its growth. To further understand these concepts, here are some numbers that you might find interesting about the How Online Shopping is Shaping the World:

Online Shopping are for 8 of 10 Americans

In a survey by PEW Research Center, roughly 8 out of 10 Americans has done an online purchase. Further drilldown on the survey shows that 15% are shopping weekly and 28% are doing their shopping more than twice a month. This data shows that more and more Americans are doing their shopping online. It also shows that technology such as Social Media and Cellphones are gaining traction to how people are doing their online shopping. This information will be able to give good insights to people doing online business.

online shopping numbers in america

Reviews Matters

In the same study, 8 out of 10 Americans consult with reviews and comments on products that they want to buy. They make use of the information given by previous customers to influence their sale. This concept becomes more evident when they are buying new items. In hindsight, better reviews for a product will relate to a better chance at a sale.

reading reviews before buying new items

Promotions and Sales

With the popularity of Ecommerce, Big Promotions and Sales have become a scheduled online shopping date for almost all online shoppers. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the most common dates where online shopping discounts are its best. Although this sale date also works for location shops, online shopping clearly has the edge in terms of convenience. You no longer must wait in line to get what you want. It’s just a matter of buying the product until it supplies lasts and it won’t last long. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are scheduled on the last week after Thanksgiving in America. This shopping season has been clearly adopted by Ecommerce Businesses. By the numbers, Black Friday attracted 135.9 million while Cyber Monday brought it 122 million customers. Other Top Shopping dates includes the Christmas Season, Summer Time, and more.

Final Words

Online shopping raked in nearly $350 Billion dollars for Americans alone in 2015 and it continues to grow. This just shows us at the potential of doing or moving your business online. If you have a physical store and is looking to increase your income stream, creating an Online Store for your business is the way to go. It will increase both your customer based and income stream as more people will know your business and what you offer.

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  • 03/06/2017

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