E-commerce SEO brings you more organic buyers

Would you like your store to rank better on a huge number of terms?

Do you need help building out your brand's authority on the web to raise overall rankings?

Here's our proven 4-step approach that brings more organic buyers to your site on all kinds of different products:

The 4 steps approach that will get your products found:

All our campaigns are divided into 4 clear steps:

1. Niche analysis

At the beginning of a campaign, we want to learn how your niche ticks online. Every business area is different - different content, different user behavior, etc. - so, at first, we always go the extra mile and get to know our new clients' niche and learn about them, their marketing efforts online, and check out some of their main competitors. It is imperative that we already have some background knowledge of the client’s business and accurately give the best specific strategy for your site.

Result: In-depth knowledge about how your niche ticks online and what your competitors are up to.

Not every area of business works the same way [...] The guys at ecomtuning took the time to learn how our industry works online, analyzed our competitors and came up with a quite different approach to what everybody else was doing, which already started to pay off after a couple of months or so.

Luis Torrejón
Entrepreneur, CEO

2. Goals

Although your ultimate goal is to increase  your revenue by attracting more buyers, there will certainly be other goals like decreasing ad spend on PPC campaigns, increasing content visibility, improving brand awareness, etc.  

Together, we will define the immediate, mid and long term strategies so we all aim  towards a common goal:

Result: Definition of your ultimate goals and how SEO can help achieve them. And how fast they can be achieved, while making sure your site is technically ready to aim at those goals.

The game changer for us was their return on investment calculator. There we could really judge on which topics it made sense to focus on. Some keywords and phrases just don't make sense to focus on, from an ROI perspective.

C. Villa
e-commerce director

3. Research and Content

What most people underestimate about effective SEO is the amount of time involved in research and content creation. After analyzing the competitors' land scape we will assist you in creating linkable assets that will attract authority links, bringing up your site's overall authority in your niche.

Result: ​Creation of shareable content (linkable assets) and elaborating an outreach plan for its promotion.

4. Continuous Review and Realignment

SEO never stops - sorry about that! Once you start improving your site's SEO and start seeing the first results, you will want to do more. We usually revise every campaign several times a week; send frequent reports, and do free strategy calls to ensure that the current approach is working for your business and that we are still aligned with your company goals.

Result: Constant campaign optimization, maintenance of good rankings, expansion to cover more topics and keywords, create authority.

E. Black

Please keep up the great work - I love to know that everything is being worked on, and really appreciate your responsiveness and dedication!


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