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As the world of eCommerce continues to grow, so are the different platforms used by businesses like Bigcommerce and Shopify. Magento is one of the best open-source Content Management Systems available today and its popularity is well-known. In addition, This platform is also one of the most versatile Content Management Systems for eCommerce business. The growth of your eCommerce business can be attributed to two elements – Platform and Digital Marketing Strategy.

Online commerce often rely on different channels that includes PPC and Social Media. In addition, online businesses also rely on a Digital Marketing Agency or Specialist to get the job done. Marketing agencies often do a holistic approach when it comes to eCommerce businesses. They handle content development, marketing, and process development. Now when it comes to this platform, these are the concepts you will need to know about that will help you decide on choosing this over other eCommerce platforms.

What is Magento?

  • Magento is a popular open-sourced eCommerce Platform which provides businesses with a flexible and reliable online shopping portal. The Magento platform provides easy control of your website design, content, and functionality. On a marketing standpoint, this platform allows business owners access to useful tools. It gives options for their search engine optimization, product management, and social media marketing and promotion. With thousands of businesses trusting this platform as their eCommerce Platform, do not get left behind with the success they are enjoying. Get the Magento experience today.

SEO for Magento

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a common digital strategy implemented for Magento eCommerce Websites. The goal of bringing and converting visitors is greatly attributed to SEO. When optimizing eCommerce websites, here are the 3 main concepts that we put to heart when delivering our SEO Services: Maximize Search Engine Visibility, Mobile Compliant and Technical SEO, & Social Media and Branding.

Maximize Search Engine Visibility

In order to make a successful eCommerce website in Magento, it is a must to maximize visibility in search engines. This can be through a well-planned and executed SEO Strategy. Here at EcomTuning, we have created an extensive SEO Checklist that each client website must pass. We do not leave anything to chance. This platform, as an eCommerce Platform, has built in features to cater your SEO needs such as;

  • SEO Options on the Admin Panel

This feature allows webmaster to customize and optimize SEO elements like default titles and descriptions, canonical URLs settings, and title prefix and suffix. Optimizing all the SEO elements present on the Admin Panel is a must. This can be done through the best practices in SEO.

magento seo settingsAccording to Paul Rogers Definitive Guide to Magento SEO, here are some quick SEO fixes that you can do for your Magento website:

    • Canonical URLs– Make sure to set this option as active for your category and product pages. By doing this, dynamically created pages will not be tagged as duplicate pages.
    • Product Title Optimizations– this can be done through setting-up conventions (colour, gender, etc) or manually creating titles for each product
    • Optimizing Product URLs (SEO Friendly)– Always use top level URL rather than including the category path. This will be optimized for SERP and Link building as well. Read below for additional tips:

    Tip: To create the best URL key for your products, make sure that it includes the model number, manufacturer, and product name. Ex.

      • Using Headers – Make sure that the page is only using one H1 tag because it’s a common issue in Magento that product titles are tagged as H1. Consult with your web developer if this is difficult for you.
      • URL Redirects– Keep this option active to set permanent URLs if the URLs are change.
      • Add Rich Snippets
      • Product and Category Content – Getting your content updated plus the proper use of keywords will boost the SEO value of both your product and category pages. To do this effectively, creating a complete Keyword Map for your product and category pages will ensure the proper keywords are used in the content. In addition, product pages should have the following information as part of its content:
        • Product Images
        • Short Product Description
        • Long Product Description (included bullet content)
        • Product Comparison (if applicable)
        • Product Reviews
        • Technical Specification

      For the detailed information on how to create an optimized content, refer to the Magento page for this purpose.

Mobile Compliant and Technical SEO

  • Mobile Friendly Websites is a must in the present Digital Marketing landscape. It is essential to make a Magento website fast and responsive to any type of mobile device. Due to the current changes in SEO, a complete and optimized technical audit should be done. Google tools such as the Page Speed Insight and Mobile Friendliness test provides the best suggestions to get your Magento Website up to speed.

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To know your website Page Speed Score, click this link and paste your URL. For mobile specific optimizations, Google has put up a dedicated page for this purpose. The page is found on this link.

 Note: A great SEO practice is to keep Page Speed Score above 70.

Website design for mobile devices should also consider how users would navigate through the website. This will help determine how things are arrange and how the content is presented on the mobile version of the website. Search Engine Optimizations for Mobile users considers the following: Usability, Search Engine Compliance, and Content.

Social Media and Branding

  • Social Media is now a ranking factor according to Google. Therefore, it is essential to harness the effects of social media not only for SEO but also as an added avenue to improve sales and branding. All Magento websites on our care are optimized for social media marketing and promotions.

Why Choose E-Commerce Tuning?

  • SEO for Magento is a collective effort to bring in the best online traffic for your website. Thus, E-Commerce Tuning is more than capable to provide the best SEO Services. Our SEO Service provides results that are tangible and based on matrices that matters to the most important people in our team – our clients.
  • We offer custom-tailored SEO solutions based on client needs. This is to assure that you get the results you want to get to the next level with your business. We will handle all your Magento SEO needs from cover-to-cover because we only provide the best services that you deserve. We maximize your Return of Investment through better targeted website traffic which improves conversions. Get the Keyword Rankings that matter to you and your business

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