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Shopify is one of the most growing e-commerce solutions on the market. On this page, we'll be giving up to date information on how to optimize shopify stores for SEO.

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Ecommerce has been evolving and so are the platforms you use for your business. In this light, eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce and Magento are few of the many website services you can use. But Shopify is one of the best all-in-one solutions that lets anyone set-up an online store fast and easy. This Ecommerce platform allows you to organize your products, create a storefront, setup secure payment options, and be able to track and fulfill orders.

In addition, eCommerce business owners to perform Digital Marketing tasks on their websites. Search Engine Optimization is one of the digital marketing strategies that businesses can implement directly on the Shopify Ecommerce Platform. Just like any other eCommerce website, PPC or paid ads can be use to jumpstart your Digital marketing Campaign. Below is an in-depth guide to getting your Shopify Website optimized for Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo:

SEO Checklist for Shopify Websites


Choosing the best keywords to target for your website requires research and analysis. The Google Keyword Planner is a great tool to use when doing your analysis. Make your decision based on user content and what your competitor tells you based on the keywords used. In addition, make sure that the chosen keywords are not highly competitive (Keep Competition Level below 50%) and it suits the product you sell. Keywords always play a critical role to any marketing campaign that includes SEO. It will lead you to better understanding your digital marketing field and how to win the battle.

After choosing your Keywords, make sure that you map them based on the products and your main landing pages such as the Homepage and Category pages. This Keyword Map will also be used to optimized the following SEO elements:


  • Page URL
  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • Alt Text for Images
  • Page Headers
  • Page Content Body
  • Links and Anchor text


Page URL

Ecommerce websites like the ones on the Shopify platform, use SEO-friendly page URLs that includes Product Name, Manufacture or Brand, and Color. You can also use other semantics for your page URL but make sure that you get to use the main keyword.


Page Title and Description

Page title is one of the most important SEO elements to optimize in your page. It allows search engine to clearly understand what the page is all about. The Page Title is shown on Search Results Page as the Headline for the page. Make sure that this page uses the main keyword and domain name.

Meta Descriptions on the other hand is a 150+-character statement that describes what the page is all about. Creating a compelling and engaging description for the page will lead to better click-through-rate and increase the chances of people visiting your website.

To set the Page Title and Description of Shopify Store, follow the steps below:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Online Store, and then click
  2. Input Title and Description for the page:

     page title and description edit

3. Click  Save and check page.

Page Headings

Page Headings are used to highlight important sections of the page. Sections like Product Name, Product Description, and Specifications are just few of the elements that make use of headers. To optimize headers, make sure to use the H1 tag for the Page title and other Headers (H2, H3, ….) for other sections of the page content.

Alt Text for Images

The image alt text acts as the description of images and other graphics like logos. This will make images relative to the page content and thus increase its SEO overall value. Here are the steps to get your images optimized with Alt Text:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Products (or press G P P):alt text edit 1
  2. Click on the product you want to optimize
  3. Hover over the image and click the ALT link option: alt text edit 2
  4. Input the Alt text for the image.
  5. Make sure to save the changes.


Page Content

Page content is where most of the SEO value comes in. When search engines “crawls” your page, they will index the whole page and the page content will take up much of what the page is all about. As a best practice, create a well-rounded content that makes use of the targeted keywords plus organize use of words and sentence. Makingfuse of Headers within the page content will also convey a well-developed page.

Links and Anchor text


Links or backlinks as they are known are references from other websites to help Google know that your site is popular and can be trusted. Ask your internal and external network of friends to link back to your pages. You can also use this resource for any link building efforts.

Anchor text is defined as the text that is hyperlinked. If other websites are link to your online store, it would be wise to optimize the anchor text based on the keywords that you are trying to rank higher on Search Engines. Also make sure that you have the right saturation of branded keywords and generic keywords on your anchor texts. A good example of great anchor text to use for links is this; Shopify is an ecommerce platform. So a good anchor text would be- best ecommerce platform.

Sitemaps and Robots.txt

Sitemaps are created automatically in Shopify. It also supports sitemaps for images. To locate your sitemap file, all you have to do is to follow this semantics <Homepage URL>/sitemap.xml.

Robots.txt file is used to allow and disallow a page from Search Engines crawler. This can be found through this semantic <Homepage URL>/robots.txt. In terms updating this file, the Shopify platform automatically sets the blocked resources such as the Cart pages. It is no longer important to keep them indexed as these pages are usually for purchases only and requires user actions. Contact your webmaster to add other pages on the robots.txt file.

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