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BigCommerce is an all-in one solution for any online business. It provides solutions for products and services that need an online presence with features like Storefront, Shopping Cart, and Customer Relationship Management System. According to, BigCommerce is rated as the number 1 shopping cart online provider today.


Just like any other Ecommerce website, it needs digital marketing to prosper online. Your digital marketing efforts can begin with Search Engine Optimization. SEO involves different elements and requires multiple efforts. It includes Keyword Research, Content Optimization, Improving User Experience, Social Media Marketing, and Link Building. To properly optimize your BigCommerce website for Search Engines, here is a detailed guide for you to follow:


SEO for BigCommerce ECommerce Websites

#1 Developing the Keyword Strategy

Search Queries are based on a keyword or a group of keywords that acts as the reference topic to generate the search results. This would be the starting point of all your SEO efforts. Developing a sound Keyword Strategy will guide your SEO efforts efficiently. This SEO concept will also greatly affect your Digital Marketing tasks as a whole.

In creating your Keyword Strategy, using tools like the Google Keyword Planner will help you acquire the needed information like Search Volume, Competitiveness, Click Through Rate, and more. It would be best to also study what your competitors are using for their keywords.

#2 Optimizing Pages

A Product Page is usually where the sales are coming from. In relation to this concept, these pages are the most important pages to optimize. Here are the page elements that you need to consider for SEO:

  • Page URL
  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • Headers
  • Product Description
  • Images and Alt-text
  • Video Optimization
  • Product Reviews

Here is a well-optimize product page that has all the SEO elements implemented correctly:

optimized product page bigcommerce

Optimizing these SEO elements can all be found on the Product Page>>Store Settings>>Search Engine Optimization Section. Make sure that you follow the best practices on doing the optimization. You can always refer to the SEO FAQ of BigCommerce for the complete guide to get your Online Business ready with Search Engine Optimization.

Note: Make sure that you utilize your Keyword Strategy on developing content and doing the optimizations on your product pages.

#3 Advanced SEO Concepts

To maximize what Search Engine Optimization can do to your Bigcommerce Website, it would be best to have the edge on Advanced SEO. These concepts would require expertise from Web developers and SEO professionals. In relation to this, BigCommerce provides a simple way to these optimizations on your online store. Here are the Advance SEO Concepts that you can implement on the BigCommerce Platform:

  • Optimize Page Architecture

Page architecture is basically how search engines navigate within the website through their crawlers. Optimization would require you to optimize Website Code, CSS, and Internal Links.

Note: It would be best to asks for assistance from an expert to get this done correctly.

  • Structured Data

As search engines like Google are trying to refine Search Results, structured data gives you an edge in terms of giving your search results a “make-over”. Implementing this concept will lead to better Click-through-rate. Here is a useful resource about Structured data that you can use to do this optimization.

  • Page Speeds and Mobile Optimization

This is probably the single most important update in the past 3 years for SEO – getting a website optimized for mobile users and maximizing page speeds. Google provides an in-depth guide and even a page checker for mobile and page speeds to get the optimizations right. Again, you will need assistance from a skilled Web Developer to do this for you.

Final Words

Optimizing BigCommerce websites for Search Engines is done just the same as you would other websites. The edge of using the BigCommerce Platform is that they provide features targeting specifically SEO and should be easy to implement except for the more technical optimizations.

 Finally, always measure your SEO success through reliable data from Search Engines like Google and Bing. In addition, BigCommerce also has their own Business Analytics section. To activate this, all you need to do is to connect your Google Analytics to BigCommerce and it will collect relative to performance of your website.

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