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44% of your visitors abandon your site if it
takes more than 2 seconds to load.

Studies executed by Google show that almost half of all users leave a site on their mobile phones if it takes more than 2-3 seconds to load. Many of your potential buyers navigate through your site while on the go, in the subway, or on their way home from work.

However, long loading times are the main obstacle separating your potential clients from their purchase.

Our proven approach "EcomSpeed" can increment your site's performance by up to 50% or more.

Slow load times make potential customers abandon your site without a purchase.

With modern tools, content distribution networks (CDN), image optimizers and top-notch loading strategies, your site can be lightning fast, thus providing the perfect user experience for your buyers.

The UX impact of site speed

Today's main traffic generating platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. are all trying to provide their users the best possible user experience (UX) possible. For this exact reason, they give sites with bad load times less exposure, favoring those landing pages and websites that load fast and thus improve the overall navigating experience.

A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% decrease in conversions.

Rank better with a faster e-commerce site

Better leverage your paid traffic from PPC

User experience directly influences in search rankings, which means that the time it takes until a site loads in the browser, is directly connected to its ability to achieve great rankings.

No site with bad load times can outrank other, much faster and more user-friendly sites in a competitive environment.

An investment in better site speed is an investment that pays off with better organic rankings, but also comes with a series of advantages when it comes to paid traffic:

Depending on your market, PPC can be really expensive. Costs per click of 2-4 dollars are pretty low, some niches pay more than 20 dollars or more per click on Google Adwords, for example.

Wouldn't you want that expensive traffic investment really pay off?
How much of your paid traffic right now leaves the site because it takes more than 2 seconds to load? 

Great site speed translates into an amazing user experience and makes users want to continue navigating through your site. This way, less people will leave your landing pages, and thus reducing your overall bounce rates considerably.

Shrink your bounce rates by 20-30%

In many cases we have seen, bounce rates went down by 20-30% and more just by optimizing a site, adding a content delivery network and making sure that images' file size depends on the device a visitor is using.

Imagine how much more you could leverage your different traffic sources just by decreasing your bounce rate ... 

Speed up your checkout

Last but not least, site load times also affect the time it takes a user to go through your store's checkout process. The faster they can get through, the less time they have for second thoughts about their purchase. 

Speed up your entire store with EcomSpeed and see how your conversions go through the roof!

What is EcomSpeed?

EcomSpeed is a proven series of audits, fixes and improvements on e-commerce platforms getting your load times improved by at least 30%, sometimes 50% or more.

Before applying EcomSpeed, though, we usually do a free quick site audit to determine the main 3 causes of slow site speed. Among them, very often we find:

  • non-optimized images
  • too many javascript and css requests
  • missing caching of static contents
  • too much latency due to distant server locations
  • server response time
  • and a few more

The site audit will give you a straight idea about what issues need to be tackled, and how they can be resolved to tune your site to top speed.

Every free site speed audit consists of 2 steps:

  1. Automated Google Page Speed Audit 
  2. Manual audit by one of our professionals

The results of both steps will be documented in an audit report we will send and explain to you in detail, giving you the information you need to make your site faster. Today.

Need more speed?

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