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eCommerce Link Building: Do’s, Dont’s, and Best Practice

eCommerce websites are often faced with high level competition that make use of strategies that you simply cannot outlast. But what these websites should look for is the opportunities underlying in each of your competitors. You can start with digital channels that are not properly utilized by your competitors. It is also beneficial to do the proper research and get the right people to do the analysis for you. It is always good to have more heads to make the best business decisions for your business. Continue reading

  • 08/24/2017

Expanding eCommerce Channels: SEO for Videos and Multimedia

Videos are often treated as value added content to any page.  This is backed by statistics that when people search through Search Engines they only turn to videos 5% at a time. Most marketers forget that Search Engines are not the only channels where videos and multimedia can be used to promote products and services. One of the more popular channels for videos is YouTube. Powered by Google, YouTube on its own is a powerful search engines for videos. There are about 30 million visitors on YouTube alone per day. These searches are mostly connected to terms that are also used as generic terms on Google itself. This tells us that searches done on both Google and Video Websites like YouTube are relatively the same. SEO for Videos should be one of the priority of any business. Continue reading

  • 06/28/2017

You don’t have a business relying on Adwords alone


How do you attract traffic to your e-commerce site?

Chances are that Google Adwords is one of your main channels.

Probably, you have Google Shopping implemented.

(If not, you might want to have someone look into that for you, especially
now that they support remarketing).


There’s always a BUT …

Have a look at your channels (Google Analytics => Aquisition => Channels).

How much do you rely on Google Adwords?

Could you continue your business if your Adwords account had some issues?

Would you be able to pay your bills if no CPC traffic came from Google?

Let me share with you my golden rule for (ecommerce) businesses:

Continue reading

  • 05/19/2017
invest in digital marketing

5 Signs You Should Invest in Digital Marketing


In the challenging world of Business, customer acquisition is becoming more dynamic and costly. Traditional foot traffic for any type of business seems to be not enough as in today’s business landscape. Having an online presence is now a must to increase your customer base and most probably your revenue. Continue reading

  • 02/21/2017


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