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Facebook Marketing 2017: How to make it work for Small Businesses

Facebook has become a global force in the Marketing space locally and internationally. Based on this Small Market Analysis, it is clearly seen that Facebook has been on the rise in a big way. In 2017, Facebook has overtaken Linkedin as the top Small Business Marketing platform. Included in this study is the review on the type of customers that drive the increase in Facebook use. It would be easy to assume that B2C companies would be the main drivers for the rise of Facebook marketing. On the contrary, B2B companies are the once that look to social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin to improve their online marketing. Continue reading

  • 10/31/2017

Paid vs. Organic – Tips to Succeed for Both

Creating the best digital marketing strategy for any business is based on the collaborations made on the different channels available. Speaking of digital marketing channels, Organic and Paid channels are the most popular. These two alone constitute to an average of 70% of all digital marketing related revenue. Based on a study, Organic search attributes to 95% while 5% is given to Paid search for all search engine related clicks. This is a huge statistic to consider but while Search Engines is a huge source of related traffic. Affiliate websites where paid listings are being placed as well also presents a huge targeted source of traffic. This is one of the many unique features that Paid listings brings that is not available for Organic Search. Continue reading

  • 10/06/2017
what every ecommerce website needs

Every ECommerce Website should have these

Every online business is built on the concept of an Ecommerce Model. Your customers will interact on your website – from product selection to the final checkout are done online. With this in mind, any online business will need to follow and optimize their website for their customer and the experience they will have on using the eCommerce website. Continue reading

  • 03/10/2017
seo audit tools

Top 5 SEO Audit Tools for Ecommerce Websites

The SEO Audit is one of the first things to do when planning for the SEO Campaign of a website. Doing this will identify the overall state of the website. An SEO Audit can be categorized through what type of websites you are to do this – New or an Existing website. New websites are rather easy to deal with through an SEO audit because it can follow an exact set of checklist. Continue reading

  • 03/07/2017


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