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Why does your shop need help from an SEO Expert?

93% of any online experience begins with Search Engine79 % of online customers click organic links when they searchSEO provides the highest ratio of Business Returns.Google gets over 100 Billion searchers in a month

Sources: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/10-stats-to-justify-seo/36762/, https://junto.digital/blog/seo-stats-2017/, https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics

These are glaring stats that any business owner should look at and take advantage of this growth in digital marketing. SEO does not only drive organic traffic to any business it also provides the best possible customers to your website. Online searchers that find your website through search engines are often converting to sales or subscriptions. Hiring the best SEO experts for your business will lead to better online traffic quality and business sales. Let us not forget that SEO requires less investments as compared to other digital channels (PPC, SMM, etc). The long term effects of being on top of organic searches are also attributed to having a sound SEO strategy and having the best SEO expert.

Why choose ecomtuning’s SEO Experts and Services?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important channel to consider when pursuing an effective digital marketing campaigns. Online businesses especially those that use platforms like Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, and more should look for SEO expert that is both capable and with the best track record. This is where eComtuning’s SEO Specialist and experts come in. We provide seo services that fits any business needs.

Here are some of the SEO and Digital Marketing Services that we offer:

Multi-faceted and Complete SEO Audit

Multi-purpose Keyword Research

Top-to-bottom Competitor Analysis

Customer and SEO Centric Content Development and Optimization

Keyword Ranking, Website Traffic, and Business Goal Tracking and Analysis

Backlink Building and Content Marketing Campaigns

eCommerce Conversion Optimization

PPC and Ads Optimizations

Mobile Adaptation and Optimization

Local SEO and Marketing

And more….

Our expertise does not stop there. We also approach marketing campaigns in a collaborative environment to provide clients with the best possible suggestion and action items to reach their business goals. Here are eComtuning we put the client at the center of any campaign his or her business needs. SEO experts here at eComtuning are well-trained and adept at the latest techniques in the world of Digital Marketing. Rest assured that you get top-notched services for the best prices.

The team at EcomTuning provides outstanding results in a fraction of the usual time involved in e-commerce campaigns.

What converts us in specialists in the field of search engine optimization?

Ask our founder & CEO: 

"The e-commerce landscape has been changing drastically during the last 3-4 years. The combined areas of expertise our team shares online, in e-commerce, conversion optimization, seo, online marketing and paid advertising enables us to provide outstanding results for our clients in a  fraction of the time others might take. Many of our clients see improvements of 30% or higher after 1-2 months."

(Gert Mellak, founder & CEO)

Not convinced? Ask our team!

"We know about the unique challenges today's e-commerce businesses face. With the growing competition from companies like Amazon, it's a matter of finding your unique way of providing the best user experience possible."

(Gracielle Maribao, Project Management)

"What's truly key in our day to day work is finding the best solution for the individual situation and niche of each customer."

(Cristina Navarro, Project Management, SEO)

"We're making the best use of all marketing channels to support a project's SEO and drive more potential buyers to a site."

(Denis Pantykin, Technical SEO)

"At EcomTuning we go far beyond the plain technical SEO, advising on the best possible site architecture that might not only improve SEO, but also increase conversion. "

(Elizar Caraecle, SEO Expert)

"Our social media campaigns are laser targeted towards your perfect audience, minimizing investments and maximizing long term ROI."

(Sonia Suarez, Social media & Facebook Ads)

"Our whole team is just awesome. We're all pulling towards th same direction, everybody giving their best. And our clients love us because of that!"

(Branko Novak, Technical SEO)

Still not convinced? Read what some of our clients are saying:

Gert's team managed to get us exposure even for key phrases we didn't even think of promoting, just due to their SEO audit and the recommended improvements.

Luis Torrejón
Entrepreneur / CEO

3 months into the campaign with SEO audit and optimizations, and a few backlinks created, we had all major key phrases on page 1 and the campaign started showing a positive ROI.

E. Black

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