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eCommerce Link Building: Do’s, Dont’s, and Best Practice

eCommerce websites are often faced with high level competition that make use of strategies that you simply cannot outlast. But what these websites should look for is the opportunities underlying in each of your competitors. You can start with digital channels that are not properly utilized by your competitors. It is also beneficial to do the proper research and get the right people to do the analysis for you. It is always good to have more heads to make the best business decisions for your business. Continue reading

  • 08/24/2017

99 Things About SEO I’ve learned from Rand Fishkin

A few weeks ago the CEO of Moz, Sarah Bird, announced that Moz’ founder Rand Fishkin would step away from operations at Moz and take on the role of a moz associate.

For me, this statement reminded me of my first touch point with what was going to be one of the main pillars of my online agency and what lead to create ecomtuning. (skip the italic part and save 20 seconds)

Continue reading

  • 08/20/2017

In-House SEO vs SEO Agency: Who’s better for eCommerce Websites

When choosing to run your Organic Digital campaign through an in-house SEO service or in the hands of SEO Agency, it is all about returns at the end of the day. But underlying concepts and reasons that may affect the decision of your choice is what we should talk about. SEO Services are often related to generate organic traffic and revenue for any website. With the competition and expansion of digital channels, SEO now affects almost all facets of your digital marketing campaign. Continue reading

  • 08/11/2017


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