Expanding eCommerce Channels: SEO for Videos and Multimedia

Videos are often treated as value added content to any page.  This is backed by statistics that when people search through Search Engines they only turn to videos 5% at a time. Most marketers forget that Search Engines are not the only channels where videos and multimedia can be used to promote products and services. One of the more popular channels for videos is YouTube. Powered by Google, YouTube on its own is a powerful search engines for videos. There are about 30 million visitors on YouTube alone per day. These searches are mostly connected to terms that are also used as generic terms on Google itself. This tells us that searches done on both Google and Video Websites like YouTube are relatively the same. SEO for Videos should be one of the priority of any business.


With the search growth on Video websites, businesses often use their platform to promote their products and services. This promotion is mostly done through paid advertisements and that incurs constant costs for businesses. What if there was a way to go about spending to get your products and services on top of video search? The answer is Search Engine Optimization. Just like any search engine result, there are known optimizations that can get your videos on top of others. In this article, you will learn the different optimizations you can do for your videos and how to do them. Here are 6 Search Engine Optimizations you can do for your videos to outrank others:


1. Always provide value for Customers through your Video

Just like text content, videos should also provide value to its viewers. Now how to do this. As marketers and business owners, videos created for the product should not just be for marketing purposes but it should also be about giving users true value. A very good example in providing value through your videos is when you provide a walk-through of the product. This type of video can present an overview of the product, features, and maybe some product comparisons. By having this type of video, you will be able to give searchers the best resource to know more about the product you offer.

Another good way to attack this concept is by creating tutorials or how-to videos. In this type of video, your value is through the knowledge you impart to your videos. In a way, your product becomes more valuable to your possible customers as they will have direct usage of the product that you sell.


When creating product videos for promotions, always consider this question: Why should I view this video? Users will often have this question at the back of their minds when they are searching for videos on the internet. It would be best that your videos are good enough to have this question answered at the first glance. The other concepts below will help you answer the question of why users should view your video. These concepts will also be beneficial to other eCommerce efforts (paid ads, social media, content marketing, etc.)


2. Keyword Research for Videos

Key word research is always an essential part in creating content. The same can be said when you are creating videos and optimizing it. In doing your keyword research for videos, here are the things you should consider:

  1. Keywords for the Product or Services to promote
  2. Category of both the product and video
  3. Tags commonly used for related videos and the product

These 3 concepts to consider will lead to the best list of keywords you can use to create a fully optimized video content. To do this, you will need to bring out your research skills and pair it with the best tools possible. You will also need to peek at what you competitors are using for their keywords.  Google offers free tools to analyze your website. Keyword research is one of them. If you have some cash to spare, use tools like SEMrush and Moz. These tools will provide insights useful for your keyword research.


Now how to choose the best keywords from the list you have collected. It is best practice to use keywords that are not highly competitive and yet still yield a decent amount of search volume per month (>100 Searches/month). Long tail keywords can also be targets for you to use. This type of keyword is more specific and yield better conversions. It is because the user intent for these keywords are more targeted compared to the generic keywords.  In addition, always use your branded keyword terms to increase its overall search volume and value for SEO.


3. Video Tag Optimization and Schema implementation

Alternate text or Alt-text are textual meaning of your media (videos, images, pdfs, documents, etc.). They represent what the video is about in just a few terms. This feature is widely considered as a necessity when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.


Make sure to use the right keywords based on the research you have done. This will ensure that you get to associate your keywords with the video being used.


Schema is a coding standard that aims to organize data across the internet. This is recognized by Google as an added data source for their Search Engine Result Page. (SERP). Videos also have their own schema markup that you can implement on your website. Here is the link for the template code you can use as well. As Video Alt-text, make sure that you are effectively using the keywords for the video as per your research. This is to maximize the mentions of the keywords through the website content that you have.

4. Title and Description

Video title and description are textual contents you can use to better identify your videos. Using title and description for the videos will provide a textual value to it for search engines to use as reference to what the video is all about. This would also be increase the overall SEO value of the video especially when other webmaster would embed your videos in their website. In addition, the title and description will also be a footprint of the video on the web.


There are two ways you can use Title and Description on Videos:


  1. HTML Code
  2. Video Schema


Again, using the right keywords for you title and description is always a must for this feature to work best.



5. Open user Comments and provide Embed Code

If you are publishing your Videos on video websites, always open user comments. This feature will allow user generated content to flow for your videos. Moderation would be key to filter out negative comments and unnecessary content like link baits and schemes. It would also be beneficial to engage user comments especially when they include questions or inquiry about your product. You might get consistent sales by doing this.


If you are using your videos for internal postings, it would be great to have a video embed code ready for use. This will make it easy for any webmaster or user to capture your video an place it on their website. In addition, you will be able to press webmaster into using the title and description that you want them to use. To do this correctly, consult with your website developer to have a copy code button made for the embed code.


6. Video Syndication

Syndicating video content is a form of content marketing through publishing of the video to different websites. Finding the websites that might want to publish your videos can be done through email outreach and through a guest post. By doing this, you will be able to connect with different people and influencers in your business realm. Creating lasting relationship is more important than gaining a link or two. You will always have someone promoting your product and services if there are satisfied customers and businesses that trust you.


You can also use existing video publishing websites like YouTube and DailyMotion to increase your reach. There is also a list of possible websites where to directly publish your video content. Social Media is a also a free platform to get your videos more exposure. Make sure to optimize your videos through best practices in publishing. Here are some resources you might find useful in optimizing video publishing to other websites:


  1. http://www.dummies.com/business/marketing/social-media-marketing/publishing-and-unpublishing-youtube-videos/
  2. https://postcron.com/en/blog/facebook-videos/
  3. https://www.newswhip.com/2016/07/five-things-about-instagram-videos/

Seo for video and multimedia from Gert Mellak on Vimeo.


Final Words


Doing SEO for Videos will lead to another source of traffic and revenue for your website. Positioning your videos above your competitors will only lead to better conversions and search traffic. Video content is just not enough to outrank your competitors. SEO for Videos is what you need to get over the hump. Execution for these optimizations is another story. You will either need the expertise of specialist or hiring a marketing agency to get this done.


Hiring the best SEO specialist will surely hasten the positive effect of having videos in your website. eCommerce Tuning has highly specialized Digital Marketing professional that will be able to help you achieve your goals. You need not worry about metrics and data analysis when you get their services. All you they need is how much growth you want your business to have.

  • 06/28/2017

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