The Unconventional Guide to SEO Services for Small business

What you do to your website now may not have an impact today but it will have someday. SEO takes time to work. Most small businesses are great in running their business and let the marketing go to drain. Every business owner must grab every chance they get when it comes to marketing especially now that we are entering a very fast phase digitalized world. It is a must to have a website or online presence to grow your small business. It is not enough that you make a website and put it out there. You must consider SEO Strategies and have your website rank high in search engines to level with your competition.

On average, Google processes 3.5 billion searches per day; if your online presence now is weak then you have the chance to make a little change that will have big impact on your business. Online presence is very important for small business and startups because it is an effective way to reach out to a large number of customers and a cheap way to market your brand. It is the easiest way that customers, potential investors or business partners can find you and your offerings.

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When it comes to online presence; playing field is equal among all business owners. Regardless if you are a big player or starting up, the benefits of having a website and ranking high on search engines; your competition is losing business to you. Remember a lot of people look for things online, if they don’t see you when they are looking for products, services, review and whatever it is that means they will not buy from you. People need to know you to have business with you. Having a concrete SEO plan will help consumers to find you as their supplier.


Don’t take SEO for granted. Now is the time to start your SEO efforts.

Why should a small business owner like you consider investing in organic SEO?

Here’s a list of reasons why:

  • Your business competition is also doing it.

Small and large companies can join the big playing field of SEO. Keep in mind that if you don’t innovate chances are you will evaporate. Never let a competitor overtakes on you by ignoring the value of SEO.

  • SEO still works.

Remember the quote “Is SEO dead?” SEO is not dead either that question :). It is not even dying because people are still using major search engines such as Google, Bing and China’s Baidu. While doing SEO strategies, you should focus on the user experience so you can get a higher rank and organic traffic.

  • SEO is affordable.

Compared to other ways to advertise, SEO is cost effective and much easier way to let everyone know about you. It will take time to produce long-term results, and those results will give you greater ROI than anything else. Some SEO process does not need a large amount of money, that’s why small business owners can compete with large companies. Being placed on the first page using your keywords will help you attract traffic and help you grow your conversion rate.

  • Establish Credibility.

People nowadays searches for services and products online. People always check the reviews online, they do a thorough research about a product they intended to buy. Having a beautiful website, quality contents on your niche is not enough if you don’t have credibility. For a website to have online credibility you should appear on the first page of SERP.  There can be no better way to build credibility than by appearing on search results. By investing in SEO services, you allow quality traffic to your site and if you are competing in your niche you are making sure that your brand, product or services are visible and recognized online.

  • Organic search is an ideal choice for small business owners.

Running an effective SEO campaign takes longer but it is still worth the time and effort. You may not receive a top rank overnight but you will see many benefits in the long run. There is an increasing number of percentage of customers now checking online before buying, as a business owner do you want those customers to find your business or not? Potential customers will have a hard time finding you without organic SEO and worse they will find your competitors instead.

We heard this time and time again that SEO is expensive for small business owners and this is only for the big players and large companies. It is the other way around since small businesses have smaller budget SEO is the way to go to compete with multinationals who can afford millions on advertisement. SEO will serve as your middleman whose job is to reach out to potential customers and to make your existing customers updated about your products or services. Now that we tackled why you should invest in SEO, let us dig deep into what are the benefits that you will get out of it.



Seo small business


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3 benefits of how SEO can help you grow your small business.

Benefit 1. User-Friendly Website

Internet users like many of us are impatient; if a site doesn’t give us a quality experience we will be off to another website that is easy to use. SEO helps to make your website more easy to navigate for users. It is not only for optimizing search engines it is now more about improving user experience. Good on-page SEO techniques elevate user experience and will have a short term and long term benefits.

Benefit 2. Increase traffic to your website

Having a website is not enough if you don’t drive qualified traffic to it. If people don’t see you, your brand and your products they will not buy or even inquire about it. SEO is one effective way to promote your website. If you have keywords ranking very well in Google, it only means that when a person search using those keywords, they will be find your website.

Benefit 3. Brand Authority

Landing on the first page of a Google search is undeniable the best way for people to be aware of your brand. Internet users depend on Google on who to trust for a specific product. People would likely to trust a brand if it shows on the first rank when they search for something. This is where a lot of small business owner struggles since they have limited budget for advertisement with SEO they can come on the first page and gain top positions for keywords related to their business.

How to take advantage of SEO:

  • As a business owner, we know that you should be focus on driving the business strategy; that’s why you should work with someone you can trust to handle SEO for your small business. You need someone to help you design your digital marketing strategy. That someone is an experienced SEO may it be an individual or an SEO agency. It is very wise for a small business owner to consider investing in SEO services.
  • Leaving things in the hands of an expert when it comes to SEO is the best strategy that you should keep in mind. It is best that you find the right people to do SEO for your website. There are a lot of SEO services agency and finding the right one for your business is very crucial. When choosing an SEO firm, hire them if they have a vision about your online presence.
  • A reliable SEO firm can provide you more business, new customers, new leads, and sales etc. as long as you choose wisely. You need someone who will keep up with the ever-changing business of SEO and focused when hitting your goals. It’s not enough that they can keep up with the change, more importantly, is that they understand everything that is going on. There are no shortcuts to success, and if you follow the SEO strategy your chosen SEO firm provided you; no doubt that it will leverage your small business.

Knowing how to take advantage of SEO is one thing, but how do you choose your SEO Agency?

It is very crucial how to choose and where to find the right fit for your SEO Agency. There are a lot of SEO agency in the world and some give offers that sometimes are very unrealistic.

Here are some ways that can help you choose the best SEO Agency for you:

  • Google with a relevant search term.

The first result is a great choice because they have proven that they have great SEO for their own company. You should not get the service of an SEO Agency if  cannot do a good job for themselves, and so will not for you either.

  • Set realistic expectations.

When you have a consultation call with the agency of your choice, make sure you did a little bit of research. Check if the pricing is standard and the promised result is realistic.

  • Ask for past case studies or portfolio.

SEO Agency that is time and tested will be able to provide you one or more projects they are proud of. It will show the experience of the company and results of their previous projects.


Taking all these in consideration, you can now compete with the major players in your niche. You will have access to customer data such as what they like and dislike about your business. Investing in SEO will not break your bank even if you are a small business owner or a startup and it will let you see the results within a few months.

If you are still looking for a clear direction on how you as a business owner can use SEO services… be sure to let us know by taking advantage of a free 20-minute consultation call with our founder to find out more about four-step approach to SEO. See more of the information on our Contact Page. What are you waiting for?


  • 06/20/2017

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