6 Ways to Maximize Facebook Ads for your eCommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites are often in need of just one marketing channel to be successful. SEO is a good way to get your online presence up and at par with competitors. In addition, using Paid-ads like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads will greatly help your business online presence and the effects can be immediate.

In this article, we will focus on Facebook Ads and how to maximize the use of this marketing platfom. Here are 6 ways you can use Facebook ads to improve eCommerce revenue and presence:


Build with Dynamic Product Ads


In building Product Ads for your Facebook audience, there are key elements to which you will need to focus on. Dynamic Product ads is a template developed by Facebook to get you started in using the marketing platform:


  • Upload your product catalog to Facebook Business Manager. You can include all products you want to promote with information to display for each product (name, price, image,).
  • Add a custom audience pixel to your site. You can Modify it to report customers’ buying behavior.
  • Create a dynamic template. Facebook will automatically populate it with the right products and associated info. Give your ads a title, specify keywords to pull in images, product names from the product catalog.
  • Setup Display Product Ads in the Power Editor. Specify if you want to advertise products from your entire catalog or just certain categories and …. run your ads.


Use Multi-Product Ads


Similar to Dynamic Product Ads, you can also set up a multi-product ads to enhance your presence by providing alternatives and/or related products to your customers. This is helpful on the side of customers as they will be able to compare or combine products based on use. For marketers, this will lead to better conversions and overall lowering Cost-per-click (CPC) for your campaigns. To implement Multi-product Ads, use Power Editor on your Facebook Business Manager dashboard.

Implement Facebook Pixel


Data analysis is always important when implementing a marketing campaign. Facebook Ads provides a campaign tracker for every product advertisement you run. Featuring the Facebook’s Pixel. This is an Analytics feature that helps marketers understand how users see your Ads. It will also collect relevant data on conversions (Age groups, locations, etc). Here are the steps to get your Pixel up:


  1. Login to your Facebook business manager account and click on the “Pixel” option
  2. Create a Facebook Pixel Code
  3. Send to your Website Support Team or Personally install the code yourself.


Here is a Google Chrome Plugin to guide you on how to use Facebook Pixel.


Utilize Retargeting Campaigns often


Retargeting Campaigns are often used to go after possible customers that did not complete the buyer’s journey. In general, these customers are those that leave their shopping carts and did not complete the purchase. You can do retargeting campaigns by going after these users through the Facebook Pixel data analytics. Here are some marketing strategy you can implement with Retargeting campaigns in your Facebook Ads:

  1. Remind them of their abandoned shopping carts
  2. Promote up-selling and cross-selling
  3. Present relative product discounts


Increase Brand Awareness through Stories

Using Facebook Ads can also be used to increase brand awareness through meaningful promotion of “Stories”. Promoting posts and useful links about your product will lead to better understanding to what you product is all about. This can be done effectively through careful planning and making use of trending stories.


Utilize Facebook Lookalike Audiences


Lookalike Audiences is what Facebook calls their relative targeted campaigns. Facebook presents you with additional audiences you can target for the same campaign. This becomes very helpful when your present campaign is not yielding enough returns. In addition, you can also make use of this feature to get more people from a campaign that already working. You can setup this feature through this page.




When you are using Facebook Ads for your marketing campaign, make sure that you are doing it right because this requires money investment on your end that you will need to gamble. Return-of-investment is the name of the game. Careful analysis and proper implementation is all you need to make this work on for your eCommerce website. Facebook Ads has tons of potential and its there waiting for you. Start today and start it right.

  • 06/02/2017

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