Improving eCommerce Conversion Rates for Dummies

Online shopping is fast becoming a norm. As a recent study shows, current internet users are now shopping at least once a month. The reason behind this is the ease of doing the purchase and the fact that most online sellers are offering free shipping of their goods. As more and more people are doing their business online, competition between eCommerce websites becomes more heavy. It is said that when you get someone to visit your website through natural online traffic (when people use search engines to find what they need) that you will have 1%-5% chance of converting them into sales. It’s a small percentage but in reality it’s more than you can ask for.

Now, the name of the game is how to maximize Customer conversion on your website. Here are 6 simple customer hacks you can do to improve your overall Ecommerce Conversion rates:

Create attractive Product pages for Users and Search Engine

When it comes to creating excellent Product pages, you will need to consider what the Users want to see (Images, reviews, product information, etc) and what Search Engines requires to see (excellent pagespeed, meaningful word content, etc). To do this effective, you should know your customer base well to know what they are familiar with and basically know what they want to see on the website. Age groups and current trends within their realm is a good way to start with.


Offer free delivery or reduce deliver charges

Nothing beats than getting something for free. Offering freebies on delivery-related charges will surely put your business in a good position above any competitor that you may have. In doing this, you will need to crunch the numbers to see what is the most viable scheme to get this up on your website. Do not forget to highlight this feature upon arrival of your customer onto any page on the website.

Dedicated Promotion and Sales Pages

Everybody loves getting a discount through promos. Building a steady stream of promotion for your top and lower sales products will increase your conversion rates by 2-10%, this is based on study. There are many ways to get about this method. You can choose to implement discount vouchers that can be partnered with other websites. You can also choose to outright give price markdowns on your website as well. Another excellent idea to implement promotions and discounts is through your other digital channels like Paid Ads and Email Marketing. Is is said that people are 55% more receptive of emails when it talks about discounts and promos. This just means more sales on your end.

Go after “Cart Abandonment”

Cart abandonment is all but common in the eCommerce system. This happens when a user looks to select a product or products and then does not complete the conversion by not checking out and making the sale. You can mitigate this so-called “almost-converting” user by pursuing them through multiple communication methods you have on your website. You can either send an email to these customers about their abandoned cart or a cleaver way of presenting their abandoned cart upon returning to your website. In doing this, you can maximize your customer visit and in a way help them finish their shopping by checking out their abandoned cart.


Provide security all throughout the Customer Buying Experience

Providing data security for your customer has become one of the most important element in doing any online business. If your website is able to handle data security in the best possible way, this only adds to the customer’s purchasing confidence. The best way to do this is to implement Secured or encrypted website navigation all throughout your website and most of all through payment windows.  Make sure that you highlight this feature as a footer and also present it clearly through your payment portals. In addition, having a secured website is also beneficial for your Search Engine visibility.

The Power of Customer Reviews

Aside from being a useful component in your product pages, customer reviews also helps your visitors. These reviews serves as buying guides to the features of the product. The customers that have bought the product will also give insights on whether or not the product has served its purpose of use. To the customer, these reviews serves as a testament of what the product is all about. It is said that 72% of customers trust a product with positive review. That is a big stat to consider. In hindsight, you can also use customer reviews for your own consumption as well. Providing website surveys on Customer experience and Website Usability are just few ways on how to get useful customer feedback. You can convert these customer feedback into meaningful data that can help you improve your website for your customers.


What to remember?

The name of the game is converting your visitors as much as you. This can be done through multiple efforts in marketing and sales team. But as online business, you can deal with this through a sound business plan and implementation. In addition, your website will be the face of the business and it’s a great idea to begin their before anything else.

  • 06/01/2017

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