You don’t have a business relying on Adwords alone



How do you attract traffic to your e-commerce site?

Chances are that Google Adwords is one of your main channels.

Probably, you have Google Shopping implemented.

(If not, you might want to have someone look into that for you, especially
now that they support remarketing).


There’s always a BUT …

Have a look at your channels (Google Analytics => Aquisition => Channels).

How much do you rely on Google Adwords?

Could you continue your business if your Adwords account had some issues?

Would you be able to pay your bills if no CPC traffic came from Google?

Let me share with you my golden rule for (ecommerce) businesses:

Losing one traffic channel must not mean > 30% loss of sales.

So, what does that mean?

Cross out any of your current traffic channels and do the math.

How much do you make in your store without … say … facebook ads?

How many orders would you get today if your Google Adwords account had any issues?

Could you still pay your employees and purchase additional stock if one of Google’s algorithm updates was to take away your page 1 rankings for a couple of weeks?

In the same way, as any healthy business should be able to survive a few weeks of very few or no sales at all, an online business must be sustained by a huge variety of different channels.

Organic is no exception

Here at EcomTuning we mostly try to extend the organic channel (SEO) of eCommerce stores, especially because usually the marketing teams and agencies already take care of the quicker PPC campaigns, facebook ads, and so on.

However, also relying on the organic channel only would be a mistake as well.

Ranking changes can be quick:

We see rankings jump all the time, and can mean the difference that between one day where your phone just doesn’t stop ringing and you can hardly fulfill all the orders coming in, and the next day where your entire team is doing maintenance work due to a complete absence of orders.

Scary, but an important part of online reality.

So, what can we do about it?

First, define your channels.

Be aware that not every possible channel is the right one for you and your business.

Facebook Ads covers a lot, but there are many niches where facebook can’t or doesn’t want to be present.


Ever seen an ad for a morgue?

Ever seen a facebook ad for pills for psychiatric treatment?

Second, get your data together:

List your channels and, in %, your dependency on each one of them, both in traffic and in sales (not because you get tons of traffic from facebook ads, you will also necessarily have the highest sales from FB).

This list will give you an idea of your current dependency, which channel would ruin your business, and which channel wouldn’t harm you at all.

By the way …

sometimes at this stage, it’s a good moment to review your spendings on the different channels and calculate your ROI – just as a side note.

Third, get a stronger multi-channel foundation

Now it’s time to develop your channels – get good, experienced people to work on your channels – ideally hire specialists in each channel – social, Adwords, SEO, e-mail marketing, and make sure your foundation gets stronger each month.

Have your collaborators report each month on what they have been doing to secure and increase their channel’s strength, and check what is missing to comply with the mentioned golden rule of a max. loss of 30% mentioned above.


Relying on Google Adwords or any other single channel alone doesn’t convert your site into a business unless you create a strong foundation with multiple channels where one single channel can go away without any major short-term consequences.

Get your data right and make your foundation stronger every month, with the help of professional collaborators with experience in their field.

  • 05/19/2017

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