4 Common Misconceptions We’ve Heard about SEO

seo misconceptions

Search Engine Optimization is the process of acquiring better search ranking and obtaining traffic from “free” or “organic” search results from search engines. The process of doing SEO involves steps to improve content, backlink profile, and User Experience. In addition, there are multiple ways to measure and scale SEO projects. These measurements can include Keyword Rankings, traffic generated, and even revenue.


Clients can be very structured in terms of their goals and SEO goals might be off or unrelated. These concept needs to be fixed to build a better relationship better client and SEO provider. Here are 4 misconceptions about SEO that you need to know:


4 Common SEO Misconceptions

#1 SEO Is all about Keywords

  • Keywords is an important element in your SEO plan but they are not the only factors. With the launch of Google Hummingbird algorigthm, queries are no longer centered on the keywords used but the user intent. An example would be if the user searches for the term cakes in New York, so that means he is looking for shops to buy cakes in New York. The search results will be centered on that concept.

#2 If you want to rank higher, you will need lots and lots of Content

  • As what we know, Content is King but content without marketing is a dead meat. Building and publishing content is not only centered at creating a great article. It should also include sharable resources such as Images, Info-graphics, Videos, and PDFs. In addition, the content should be share-worthy or newsworthy.

In creating your content, you must be able to use keywords effectively and link to worthy sources and make sure to quote them correctly. A great resource to follow on content development would be an article from PRnewswire which states content should be well-researched and well-written.

Finally, you do not need to have 1000-word content written on your webpages. Your content needs to be strategic, researched, sharable, and organized. Do not forget to share them as well through marketing channels like Social Media.


#3 If you want to rank higher, you need lots and lots of links

  • One of the main tasks for an SEO professional is to build relevant backlinks. Its not about the quantity anymore but the quality. This is why its very difficult to acquire valuable links from credible websites. Having a excellent content often relates go acquiring quality backlinks. Although this needs to pushed through email outreach and marketing efforts. It takes a lot of resources on the marketing side to gain quality links and investing these resources is the right thing to do.

#4 SEO is all about Keyword Rankings

  • Keyword rankings is a good measurement to what SEO is doing for you but it does tell you the whole story. Ranking better on search results compared to your competitors does not guarantee that you will get better traffic and conversions. To get ahead of you competitors, implementing Structured Data like Reviews and Site Links will results in better CTR (Click Through Rate) higher rankings. Using this type of search results will make your Search Engine listing more appealing. The next time you measure your website SEO you must consider concepts like Traffic to the target landing page, Click Through Rate, Conversions, and Bounce Rates.

Summing it all up

SEO is not as simple as cramming as many keywords to a thousand-word page and expect it to rank better than your competitors. It takes a lot of hard work to make a website do good on Search Engines. If you are looking to hire a reliable SEO provider for your business, get to know what Ecommerce Tuning can do for you. Give a call today or contact us through our contact page.

  • 02/23/2017

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