5 Signs You Should Invest in Digital Marketing

invest in digital marketing


In the challenging world of Business, customer acquisition is becoming more dynamic and costly. Traditional foot traffic for any type of business seems to be not enough as in today’s business landscape. Having an online presence is now a must to increase your customer base and most probably your revenue. Digital Marketing is the overall term for products and services used to promote or advertise a product, service, or brand on the internet. Digital marketing services and products can include Paid-per-Click advertising, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Affiliate marketing, and more. With all this said, here are 5 reasons why businesses should invest to increase their online presence through Digital Marketing.

5 Signs to invest in Digital Marketing

     1. Customer Base is not Growing

  • Business success is measured by its sustained growth. If your business is stuck in terms of overall growth, then you should something about it. We all know that increasing your customer base will always bring good news as it will increase website traffic, conversions and revenue. A highly Search Engine Optimized website will provide better rankings and thus, better website traffic through organic search. For a quick fix in increasing your customer base, you can always try paid advertisements but this requires bigger monetary investments.

      2. High Customer Acquisition Costs

  • Getting people to just know your business requires money to be invested let alone convert them.  When it comes to customer acquisition costs, inbound digital marketing is probably the cheapest way to get people visiting and buying products from your business. Digital Marketing also translates to better overall conversion through searches online.

      3. Being a Global Business in Mind

  • Are you looking to become a global brand? Then, digital marketing should be number 1 of your investment. It is the simplest and cost-efficient way to get your brand known in a larger space – the world. You can do this by implementing a sound International SEO strategy paired with Targeted Paid advertising and Engaging Social Media Marketing.

      4. Getting ahead of the Game

  • Your competitors will always push to get better and be better. It is almost a must to be always ahead of what your competitors do. Having an additional source of customers will get you ahead of your competitors. With Digital Marketing, you will never run out of ways beat your competitors.

      5. Trying to build a Positive Image

  • What makes a Good Company or Business? It is about how your business is presented to your customers. Great reviews and comments is always the best way to do this. When people see these online, they will have a positive first impression on what your business offers and how you do your business. This can be done through a great PR Campaign and Online Reputation Management.



A study by Gartner states that an average Company invest only 2.5% to Digital Marketing services. In simple terms, you will be spending 2.5 Cents per dollar earned. It’s a small investment compared to the overall revenue that your business produces. As a last advice, increasing your Digital Marketing investments will never hurt hence it will improve your overall revenue and business growth. If you are looking to make these investments in Digital Marketing, choose one of the best providers of this type of service. E-Commerce Tuning is one of the best provider of Inbound Digital marketing. Get to know about our services today.

  • 02/21/2017

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