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When dealing with Ranking Factors for SEO, you can include around 200+ signals that need to be optimized and properly evaluated. Wait, Did I just say 200+ Ranking signals?

Well that is a known fact according to researches done by SEO Agencies and Professionals. To scale down this concept of ranking factors, you will need to categorize and prioritize them based on the impact they have on the overall ranking of the website. Below is an inforgraphic from SearchMetric’s research on important ranking factors. This will also show you the corresponding correlation effect to the current Search Engine Landscape. You can download the whitepaper here.

On-Page Ranking Factors

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user signals

technical factor

searchmetric user experience

Off-Page Ranking Factors

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Content is King

Content is the most important ranking factor among all others. This is due to the recent updates from Search Engines like Google. They put a greater weight on how relevant your content is with the search term and the user’s intent. Content elements that you need to look at for optimizations are: Content relevance, Word Count, and Proper Keyword Use (Title, Body, H1, and Description).

Backlink Comes in Second

You all know the importance of having a great Backlink profile in outranking competitors. Backlinks should focus on relevance and quality not quantity is always the battle cry of any SEO Professional. Plus a good mixture of no-follow and follow links is also important.

Now, focusing on What works best for eCommerce Sites

Based on much recent study by Searchmetrics (download it here), eCommerce sites tend to have a more definitive set of ranking factors that you can quantify. They have narrowed it down to 10 general ranking signals that you can look at. The chart below shows the average benchmark compared Top 10 eCommerce Websites.


Top 10 Ranking Factors for eCommerce Websites

With the given data above, you can clearly see that 7 out of the 10 ranking factors are practiced by the best eCommerce websites.  Content is still one of the best ranking signals as noted by the table above (Max Bullets in List, Word Count, Number of Internal Links). In addition, focusing on on-page optimization first is the best way to improve ranking fast. Website Content should be number one on the list of course. Another on-page factor that you must take a look at is User Experience.

In the given ranking factors above, Online Store Above the Fold and Interactive Elements are associated with User Experience. eCommerce websites are meant to provide the best User experience because every visitor can be a potential customer. It is a best practice to Learning how your visitors interact with your website. Providing them with what they want and need through your website will boost both your ranking and conversions altogether.


Final Words

The goal of all eCommerce websites is to bring in the right visitors and convert them into sales. Bringing visitors on the website is only half the job. You must be able to provide them with the best user experience possible. This can be done through informative content, intuitive website design, excellent products that they need and why they need them, and the best overall customer experience.

Focusing on On-page optimization like content and user experience should be the first on your list. Thus, you will know how much off-page optimization is needed for the website to outrank competitors. Outranking your competitor is a never ending battle and wage on different battlefields. You should be ready for it.

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  • 02/15/2017

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